Environmental Services

Lead Abatement • Asbestos Removal

F. Lax Construction, Inc. assists clients in not only evaluating their specific environmental needs, but also provides a turnkey solution for the actual remediation, and clearance testing if applicable. Lead, mold, asbestos are a few of the named perils. Our licensed and trained staff adheres to strict industry protocol, while keeping your families health and safety at the forefront throughout the course of the abatement process.

Lead Abatement

F. LAX Construction is an EPA certified lead removal contractor. Our people have been rigorously trained in the safe and environmentally responsible methods of removal and disposal. We understand and follow all national safety regulations and building codes to prevent errors and costly re-dos.

Asbestos Removal

We have the advance training, equipment, and resources to properly remove and safely dispose of asbestos materials

We follow all safety and environment rules to properly perform repairs