Emergency Roof Tarps & Board Up Service

F. Lax Construction is Michigan’s preferred provider for 24/7 emergency roof tarps and board up service. In the event your home or business has been damaged by water, fire, storm, an accident, or vandalism, we understand the importance of securing it quickly and safely. With an average response time of 90 minutes or less, we will do what is required to secure your property and protect it from further damage until insurance claims are settled. At that point, with your agreement to our plan of action, the restoration process can begin.

We understand that unanticipated property damage is both inconvenient and distressing. So when you have experienced damage to your home or business, we will handle the tough part so that you can free your mind to focus on the resolution. You can trust our trained expert craftsmen to secure your property and prevent further damage caused by inclement weather, intruders, vandalism, and more.

“For years, our expert construction team has provided roof tarp and board-up services in 13 counties throughout southeastern Michigan and beyond. ”

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We provide emergency restoration response to over 13 counties in southeastern Michigan.

Situations That Might Require Roof Tarps or Board-Up Service

Water damage to your property can be devastating and will continue until the source is identified and stopped. In the case of high winds or hail, roof damage is most common. Tarping is often required to cover the breached areas and can shield your home from the elements for up to 90 days. However, in the case of a burst pipe or a flood, water can cause damage to everything from flooring to drywall, compromising the integrity of your home. In these cases, immediate board-up services may be required.

Perhaps nothing is more destructive than fire. A property consumed by flames can suffer significant damage, some of which is fixable, some not. But in order to properly assess the damage, it must first be secured. Our emergency tarp and board-up service prevents additional damage during the restoration process.

Severe weather of all types, from rain to hail to tornados and more, can cause various types of damage to your residential or commercial property. Holes in roofs from falling trees and hail; broken windows from tree branches blowing in the wind; siding and shingles torn from homes by wind. Whatever the case, it’s important to have your roof, windows, and walls covered quickly in order to prevent additional damage to your home.

You simply never know when an accident is going to happen, and at F. Lax Construction, we have seen it all. From baseballs breaking windows to a car crashing into a home, we have provided the emergency board-up service that is required to secure homes and businesses while waiting on the assessments, recommendations, and repairs to be completed.

No one is happy to discover that there property has been damaged by vandals or thieves. Broken doors and windows and damaged doors and windows from forced entry and the most common situations that might require board-up services. We will secure your home to keep the weather and intruders out while the repair process gets underway.

Roof Tarping & Board-Up Process

When water, flood, fire, storm or other emergency strikes your home or business, it’s important to act quickly. Our 24/7 Emergency roof tarps and board-up team use approved roof tarping and board-up materials and techniques to protect your home or business from further damage and secure it from weather, animals, and intruders.

  • Evaluate: We first evaluate the area to make sure that there are no additional safety concerns. Downed electrical lines are common after storms and might require attention before we can begin the process.
  • Assess: After assessing the damage to your home or business, we will recommend the appropriate repairs.
  • Remove: We remove all debris, measure the areas to be covered, and provide the appropriate tools and materials required to execute the repairs.
  • Recommend: Once tarping or board-up is completed, we will work with you to evaluate damage to the inside of your home, including your personal property, and recommend the next steps.

Why Choose F. Lax Construction?

  • We are a Better Business Bureau A+ Rated Company
  • We Provide 24/7 Live Operators
  • We Feature a 60-90 Minute Response Time
  • We Employ Uniformed, Drug Tested & Background Checked Professional Technicians

  • We Bill Directly to Insurance Companies

Need Complete Restoration or Remediation Services?

Turn to our sister company, X-Cel Restoration, for comprehensive restoration and/or remediation services for water, fire, mold and storm damage. Together, we bring over 50 years of the most advanced technologies and practices to quickly solve your emergency disaster problems.

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Founded in 1946, F. Lax Construction is your preferred mitigation and restoration services provider in times of disaster. Because a crisis can happen at any time, we offer emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to over 13 counties in Southeastern Michigan. We will arrive at any commercial, residential, or industrial site in a timely manner to assess and repair damage caused by fire, water, storm, and all natural or man-made disasters.

If you are facing an emergency, contact us within 24 hours of the first sign of damage. We will provide the professional services required to execute the repairs or restoration and prevent further damage from occurring. What’s more, we will work directly with your insurance company to coordinate every aspect of your claim and help you achieve the best possible outcome.