“It pleases me to share the wonderful comments that I have received from my clients who I referred to FLAX after Monday’s storm. Below is a sample of the sentiment that my clients have expressed about your company’s professionalism and, just as important, the empathy that your employees exhibited that was so comforting to these stressed out homeowners.

My brother-in-law and sister, Marc and Sharon, said your people have been great to work with and that they were the envy of their neighbors when your truck showed up at their home on Tuesday morning. April A., another client of mine in Huntington Woods, also said to me that your company was awesome to deal with and showed up at 1:00am to their home on Tuesday morning. She was very impressed with the professionalism of your employees and the helpful information they shared with her and her husband Kevin about the clean-up process.

As you know I have always had the highest confidence in referring my clients to FLAX and XCEL. This latest experience has only reinforced my devotion and trust in you and your company. Thanks so much for taking such great care of my clients!!”


“Just wanted to send a quick thank you for hooking us up with F. LAX. Not sure if you had anything to do with us getting on their schedule early, but they were great to work with and we were one of only a few homes to get service yesterday. Most of my friends are waiting till Friday or later. Again, a heartfelt thank you across the board. Supposed to have the adjustor call tonight to schedule an appointment. Cannot believe how much destruction there was.”